Granulated Protected Fat

Magnapac Calcium salt of distilled palm oil fatty acids. Magnapac is protected fat that originates in palm oil and designed to provide ruminants with highly concentrated energy without impairing the function of ruminal bacteria.

Magnapac's fat composition is ideals for high yield ruminants and its 50:50 saturated to unsaturated fat ratio assures high digestibility.


Max moisture: 3.5%

Crude Fat: 84%

Ash: 12.5%

Calcium: 9%

Fatty acid profile Systemic acid (14C):  1.5%
Palmitic acid (16C):  44%
Stearic acid (18C):  5%
Oleic acid (18C):   40%
Linoleic acid (18:2C): 9.5%

Dosage- As prescribed by the nutritionist, Contraindications- None

Package- 1200 kg tote bags

Manufacturer: Norel, Spain