Milk Replacer



Combined with the LifeStart program, Sprayfo's milk replacers help rear calves into healthier and more productive cows. For more information, visit


What makes our milk replacer ideal for both calf and the dairy farmer?

Sprayfo's customers rear strong and healthy calves by extracting the best components contained in the milk to produce highly nutritious formulas. High tech spray drying method allows to stabilize and blend the milk components with highly dissolvable plant components into easily digestible particles, resulting in unique calf milk replacers that offer you and your calves multiple advantages.


Sprayfo uses a unique spray drying method that helps preserve the milk's nutritional qualities. Coating insoluble fat particles with soluble components renders Sprayfo's products much easier to use and dissolve in comparison to competing products that are manufactured using obsolete methods.



Choose the product that best suits your production goals

All Sprayfo products are suitable for bucket, bottle and through feeding as well as for use in automatic feeders.



Sprayfo Royal is the best milk replacer on the market, designed for farmers that will not settle for anything less than the highest possible quality when it comes to weaning their calves. Sprayfo Royal allows you to safely elevate powder concentrations without harming your animals, helping you realize their growth potential. Sprayfo Royal also contains specific antibodies against cryptosporidium, clostridium, e-coli, salmonella, rotavirus and coronavirus (read more).



Sprayfo Vitesse is designed for dairy farmers aiming to reach good results with skimmed milk powder but also to save costs. You can realize healthy growth by using the appropriate concentrations and correct feeding plan. Vitesse is easily dissolved and very suitable for use in drinking machines. With Vitesse, you will rear calves that will be the subject of much envy (read more).



Sprayfo Blue is an internationally renowned product. Farmers from across the globe agree that this mix guarantees healthy calf rearing. Blue is based on the unique spray-dried whey-fat kernels. With Sprayfo's feeder and mixing panels, your calves will develop well in the first few months (read more).



Sprayfo Red is a low cost but effective milk replacer. Sprayfo Red easily dissolves with the help of the spray-dried whey-fat kernels. Sprayfo Red makes for an ideal solution for farmers that are interested primarily in saving costs while not necessarily aiming for top quality (read more).