Gustor BP







Contains a unique formulation of butyric acids that improve feed digestibility by rejuvenating the intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) responsible for absorbing the nutrients.

This product contains 70% coated sodium butyrate (50%) in a form of granulated powder that is easily added and mixed with the feed or the vitamin and mineral premix.

Gustur 70-BP features a balance between coated and free sodium butyrate to have a beneficial effect at all levels of the gastro-intestinal tract



• Improves the taste of the feed

• Regulates intestinal acidity

• Promotes secretion of digestive enzymes

• Promotes bacteria that produce lactic acid

• Bactericidal effect against pathogenic bacteria

• Effective against Salmonella, Clostridium and E.Coli

• Rejuvenates IECs and helps increase the surface area of the intestinal villi

• Improves calcium absorption and egg shell quality in layers


Nutrients: 56% butyric acid, 14.6% sodium, 37.2% ash

Energy: Poultry - 5.392 ME, ruminants - ME 5.086

Dosage: 1 kg. per 1 ton of starter feed, and 0.5 kg. per 1 ton of feed in case of grower and finisher.

Package and storage: 25 kg. sacks. Store in a shaded area.


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