A Garlic oil extract based (5%) feed additive for repelling flies from cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

Garlic has renowned medical properties – reduces cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, helps prevent stroke and heart disease, prevents formation of blood clots. Moreover, garlic is a potent antioxidant that exerts antimicrobial effect without harming the intestinal flora and helps maintain intestinal health.

Upon introduction into the digestive system, garlic stimulates production of various sulfuric compounds and volatile liquids such as AMS (allyl-methyl-sulphur).

These compounds and liquids enter the bloodstream and later excreted by the respiratory and integumentary systems, which helps repel pests such as flies, mites etc.

Standard treatment today mostly employs various chemicals and toxins which occasionally is administered in lethal dosages. In contrast, Garlium is a natural heat resistant and safe product for easy mixing in feeds and feed mixes.

Application: for use in horses, veterinary consultation is recommended, unfit for dairy cows.

Recommended dosage: 2 kg of Garlium/1 ton of feed

Package: 20 kg (consisting of 10 kg of active ingredient and 10 kg. of substrate material – corn + silica)

Manufacturer: Pancosma S.A, Switzerland.

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