Lab Services

Bar-Magen employs an innovative quality control laboratory staffed by specialists with over two decades of experience, enabling us to offer the best quality of service to our customers.

Our lab serves as a quality assurance system where all raw materials and finished products are tested for top quality.

In addition, the lab offers chemical analysis services to external customer (feed mills, feeding centers and private customers).

The lab offers feed and raw material testing services, using the common chemical testing methods.

These tests include:
- Humidity
- Protein
- Fat
- Cellulose and cell wall components
- Calcium
- Phosphorus
- Manganese
- Salt

Vitamin and Medications Testing

Our lab employs an HPLC department for evaluating the vitamin and medications in raw materials, premixes and feeds. The lab also serves the premix factory.

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Our quality control lab maintains direct contact with leading laboratories in Israel and around the world, enabling us to send samples for a wide range of tests (heavy metals, mycotoxins, medicine, minerals, enzymes, microbiological testing etc.) at these laboratories on behalf of our customers.

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The lab applies the HPLC-fluorescence method for conducting a verity of mycotoxin tests.

Bar-Magen is the official representative of the US based VICAM corporation in Israel. VICAM specializes in developing methods for detecting and isolating mycotoxins using immunological colons or strips in raw materials and complete feeds.

There are many methods to conduct mycotoxin testing both in field setting (using portable testing equipment) and the laboratory. View full list of tests.


Our laboratory staff are dedicated to offer the quickest, most reliable and kind service possible to our customers