A growth promoter based on active ingredients from cinnamon, cloves and hot chili pepper coated with unique ISO FUSION technology. Research has shown that Xtract helps improve milk yields in dairy farms, feed utilization, growth rate and ruminal health in fattening farms.

Specification: Xtract 7065 is a growth promoter for improving milk yields and feed utilization in dairy farms. This product is designed to be added directly to feeds and feed mixes for ruminants.

Dairy cows - 50-60 g/ton of dry material
Fattening calves - 100 g/ton of dry material

Application and storage:
Designed to be added to feed mixes, mash feed and pelleted feeds. Use a premix or add the vitamins and minerals into the concentrate to assure proper mixing of the product.
Store in a dry and cool area, avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Warnings: The product contains substances that irritate skin and eyes. Use protective gloves, glasses and breathing mask before handling. 

Package: 25 kg

Manufacturer: PANCOSMA S.A, Switzerland