Sprayfo Royal is the best milk replacer on the market, designed for farmers that will not settle for anything less than the highest possible quality when it comes to weaning their calves. Sprayfo Royal allows you to safely elevate powder concentrations without harming your animals, helping you realize their growth potential. Sprayfo Royal also contains specific antibodies against cryptosporidium, clostridium, e-coli, salmonella, rotavirus and coronavirus.

• The highest growth for weaning
• Up to 30% higher growth
• Up to 1000L more milk in the first lactation
• Very tasty
• With 50% skimmed milk powder
• High concentrate uptake

Content : Crude Protein: 22.5%, Crude Fat: 18%, Ash: 7.7%, Fiber: 0%, Moisture: 3%

Specification: milk replacer for rearing and fattening calves. User instructions and mammal feeding system are available on the manufacturer's website

Storage: store in a dry and shaded area

- Not for use in calves over 4 months of age
- Unfit for human consumption
- For animal use only

Package: 25 kg

Manufacturer: Stolen BV, Netherlands